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If you are using Cybersource, Authorize. If you're using Stripe, then make sure you have accepted the Terms of Service specific to Apple Pay from your Stripe dashboard.

If you're not sure who your payment processor is, then you should talk to your bank, or to your merchant account provider. If you are using the latest version of Safari and the button still doesn't appear, then make sure you meet all the requirements for using Apple Pay. If you have a cart drawer or a cart pop-up on your store, then the Apple Pay button might not appear. You can add Javascript to your theme to make sure the button appears in your cart drawer.

Your customers can use discount codes with Apple Pay only if they enter a discount code on the checkout page before clicking the Apple Pay button.

Privileged Access Management Solutions

If you show the Apple Pay button on the cart page, then your customers won't be able to go to the checkout page to enter a discount code. To make sure your customers can use discount codes with Apple Pay, you'll need to show the Apple Pay button on the checkout page. If you see an error message after trying to check out with Apple Pay on a Mac, then there might be a communication problem between your phone and your computer. To verify connectivity, the customer must make sure the phone and the computer meet the following setup requirements:. Due to partial postal code availability from Apple Pay, carrier-calculated shipping rates in certain remote regions of Canada might be calculated incorrectly.

Most Canadian addresses will not be affected by this issue. With a supported card reader , you can offer your customers the option of paying with Apple Pay using an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

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The payment is processed right away, and the customer doesn't have to produce their credit card, or enter their payment details using the keyboard of their iOS device. Apple Pay Cash is available if your business is located in the United States and Discover is enabled in your payment settings. If you are located outside of the United States, then check with your payment provider to see whether they support Discover. The credit card payment provider you use will determine which credit cards your customers can use when they buy your products using Apple Pay.

To use Apple Pay, your customers have to add their credit card information to their Apple Pay wallet.

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If the payment provider you use doesn't accept the type of credit card a customer adds to their Apple Pay wallet, then that customer will not be able to buy your products using Apple Pay. To use Apple Pay, your payment processor must support network tokenization.

As a result, you won't see the last four digits of the customer's credit card number in an order's payment details. Instead you'll see the last four digits of the customer's Apple Pay device account number. Search the documentation Search. Apple Pay This page was printed on Feb 20, For the current version, visit https: Desktop iPhone Android.


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Built-in connectors to third-party solutions, including help desk applications, vulnerability management scanners, SIEM tools, and more, ensure rapid time to value and return on security investments. Featuring centralized management via the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and real-time intelligence from the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer, BeyondTrust offers a proactive approach to endpoint security by reducing your attack surface overnight. Deploy BeyondTrust into your existing Microsoft enterprise technology, with minimal new hardware requirements. Align with your existing enterprise change control processes for endpoint configuration and deliver policy based on Active Directory groups and organizational units with extensive auditing and reporting on endpoint activities.

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While the BeyondTrust agent provides the same rich capabilities and policy format regardless of management platform, your choice of iC3 deployment - on-prem, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services - gives you the ultimate in intelligent communication, coordination, and control. IT security admins must ensure there are no known associated risks before allowing a trusted application to run. Using patent-pending technology, BeyondTrust enables grey listing based on regulatory compliance and the associated vulnerabilities with an application.

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When users can change settings or self-install software, it compromises the baseline configuration settings, and leads to more work for the help desk and lost productivity for the user. BeyondTrust ensures that only approved tasks can be launched. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to re-image problem machines. Through its integration with Password Safe, Privilege Management for Desktops provides run-as access to applications in a completely automated manner, matching credentials and providing access without exposing credentials to the end user.

See All Solutions. Products Password Safe Manage and monitor privileged accounts.

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Endpoint Privilege Management Remove excessive end user privileges on desktops and servers. Privileged Remote Access Manage vendor access. Vulnerability Management Identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. Remote Support Securely access and support any device, anywhere. Auditor Manage changes across Microsoft Windows platforms. Privileged Access Threat Report Download a free copy of the Privileged Access Threat Report and find out about the latest major security threats facing companies and how to truly defend your business from inside and out. Support Services Training Partners Company.

Privilege Management for Desktops. Track and control applications Protect endpoints from infection by whitelisting approved applications and checking for vulnerability status. Download Report. Highlighted Endpoint Privilege Management Features Achieve Least Privilege Elevate privileges to applications for standard users on Windows or macOS through fine-grained policy-based controls, limiting attack surfaces by providing just enough access.

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