Playing swf games on mac

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Enabling Flash Player.

Select a setting to use for Flash Player when you visit other websites. Selecting an option of your choice. Allowing websites to use the plug-in. Exit Preferences after you finish configuring Flash Player. Safari Select Adobe Flash Player.

SWF File (What It Is and How to Open or Play One)

Click Done to save changes. Mac OS X Plug-ins and JavaScript are enabled.

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Fortunately, Safari and Firefox both have an option to download. Hold down the "Option" key and double-click on the. The file will download to your default download folder.

SWF Player: How to Open SWF Files on Mac

Click the "Save As" button. Click on the triangle next to the "Save As" box and specify where you want to save the. Click "Save.

Josh McGee graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree in English, professional and technical communication, and a minor in marketing. One of the best ways to open SWF files online is by using an online browser plugin solution. You can download one of the leading browser plugin solutions and enable them to play SWF files online, like Cloud Flash Player and Puffin.

How to play SWF on Mac

However, if you are using Google Chrome as your browser then you are in for a treat because it has an in-built Flash Player called the PepperFlash. All you need to do is ensure that it is enabled check through Plugins in Settings. It will help play all SWF files online automatically without any problem.

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Read further to know how to convert SWF files on Mac. Understanding how to play swf files on Mac is certainly a task, especially, when trying to open these files online itself because there are not many options that can give you everything you need with efficiency. There are just three simple steps that can easily do the trick for you. Step 1.

Open Safari browser and go to Preferences. Step 2. Click on the tab that reads Websites and scroll down to find Plug-ins. You will find the Adobe Flash Player listed here. Step 3. Click on the check box beside it to enable the Adobe Flash Player on Safari. You can also make additional settings to make sure that the Adobe Flash Player works when you visit certain types of websites.

If you want, you can also make settings for individual websites based on your requirements.

playing swf games on mac Playing swf games on mac
playing swf games on mac Playing swf games on mac
playing swf games on mac Playing swf games on mac
playing swf games on mac Playing swf games on mac
playing swf games on mac Playing swf games on mac

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