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For Photographers. Profoto Video Featuring Michelle. Dirty Pictures: A Review Photoshop Actions and Textures. Here is a screen shot of the slick interface: And here are a few images with those textures applied: Mystic 5! Previous Post Pia and Raymond: So far, so good. Please email me if there are any problems. In other news […]. Okay, the spam was really killing my fun in blogging, so I decided to upgrade to WordPress 1.

The first thing I noted though in between all the good things I saw, I should …. Ich habe dann eben doch nicht widerstehen koennen und mal 1. Non, je ne baisse pas les bras, mais la version 1. It would appear that when upgrading WordPress to version 1. Pingback from Enlightened Memories on February 24, Hopefully, the new whitelisting system discussed here in more detail will go a long way towards solving the problem, as Spam Karma had unfort […].

K-Squared Ramblings is now running on WordPress 1. Here are a couple of cracking IncSub bloggers too: In the Bungelow — […]. WordPress has released their new version 1. WordPress is the blog software I use to run jimiz. It is a great application and my hat goes off to the developers. One thing I hope to get out of the upgrade I will be upgrading this weekend is t….

Trackback from Jimiz. I am interested in this newest of new version of WordPress. In the coming day s , I will be switching to the new and improved WordPress 1. Idealy, this should actually not turn into a break in service, but when does a […]. Pingback from moma. Your source for Japanese music performances in Canada and the U. Prepare for a respite on February 25, It was not easy at first for some reason.

Yeah yeah I know.. Pingback from Dans ton cul! I […]. Pingback from ClioWeb Home on February 25, I just installed wordpress 1. Pingback from carlosrull. I had been using version 1. Pingback from martinridgway. Overall, the upgrade process […]. Now using wordpress Strayhorn 1. We now have a new way too access gmail, via our gmail lite client. If you hav […]. Trackback from z Decided to upgrade to WordPress 1. It was pretty painless, though I still have all my plug-ins turned off until […].

The stairs are so dirty I could grow crops on them. Keep your fingers crossed. If anyone has had any problems, let me know. Pingback from rashundatramble. This is thanks to an upgrade to WordPress 1. To see the full list of features of WP 1. Maybe I shoulda been on that mailer. Its default template is the Kubrick template, which now makes my blog just like […]. Pingback from ask-mark. Luckily it comes with Kubrick as standard, so tha […].

Well, that was nice and easy. The upgrade to WordPress 1. I had to change a couple of my stati […]. Lotsa new features, and a theme-based, switchab […]. The fina […]. So I played around and managed to add them to mine. Note this only works w […]. Pingback from theboywonder. Jag hade egentligen inte alls tid med detta.

Men nu kunde jag inte hlla mig lngre. Jag uppdaterade till WordPress 1. Trackback from Nico. General Blogs — Anton 3: The news of it has spread and all reactions are really positive — I […]. Unfortunately my RSS feed to Javablogs seems broken. The update itsel […]. Go upgrade now! Pingback from Paul Tan - paultan. Well I said I would wait for a little while to upgrade to WordPress 1.

The problem with that is that I was burning to test out a few new plugins for […]. I hope this fixes m […]. Pingback from miahz. It is awesome awesome awesome. Here are a few observations and co […]. Quelle This entry was posted on Sunday, February 27th […]. Pingback from Tor-Design. The upgrade will allow us to add a lot of new features to the site, […]. Pingback from visualresistance. I was previously using the default installation of WordPress v1.

The Blog is now running on WordPress 1.

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Trackback from Warping it up! Kevin Basil on February 27, Trackback from Indigo Jo Blogs on February 27, The only difference that you should notice is that you will be required to w […]. The team made 1. Pingback from Operation: I have edited all posts and updated them to make […]. Having just now installed wordpress 1. A fond farew […]. March um Pingback from theflow. Pingback from Leen. Upgrade 1. Hello, I desided to start using wordpress again, due to the last 1. In some weeks I have probly got the css-resource page up again.

The design Fo […]. It should all be working now. You should be able to post comments and do all t […]. I just finished upgrading to WordPress 1. All in all, the upgrades look very helpful. Trackback from TruePravda on March 2, Dan dinamai Strayhorn mengambil nama Billy Strayhorn seorang pianis. Baca aja di devblog WP. Ini e-mail dari Matt yang dikirim ke semua subcriber WP yang […]. Leave a […]. Les CMS — site admin 2: RSS feed f […]. I spent most of this afternoon updating my WordPress link to the newest version. Trackback from element on March 2, Not exactly breaking news, but WordPress 1.

Pingback from brainscat. Pingback from the:: Pingback from Jim Lynch: Trackback from mblog:: Nun luft hier auch WordPress 1. Folgende Plugins hab ich hier installiert: Trackback from Northern-Web-Coders on March 3, Pingback from Web Personal de Tony Ruiz. Pingback from Azzie Elbub. This is interesting. Trackback from Midnight Cappuccino on March 5, There were a few warts in the process, but I think everything is pretty much […]. The second major update means that this site is now running on WordPress 1.

It represents some big changes in the WordPress engine and overall d […]. Pingback from mekosh. Trackback from trans. First off I would like to thank you for being patient with this site over the last few days. Trackback from michaelsarver. After reading a post by Michele and checking the wordpress site, I am actually very excited about all the new features this excellent blog sof […]. Pingback from egger-loser. Saya pun telah meng-upgrade WordPress di […]. Entra o WordPress WP 1. I got to play with WordPress 1. Easier template system Gorgeous new default template Grea […]. And the next step after these is to migrate my blog from WordPress 1.

Pingback from boyohazard. There are lots of other good things in WP 1. I just upgraded to WordPress 1. My hosting company HostMatters makes ava […]. Hopefully […]. The upgrage itself took only 10 minutes. Now my site runs on the WordPress d […]. Pingback from neoalchemist. This entry was posted on Monday, March […].

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If […]. But now, with the release of 1. Just letting everyone know, I will be attempting to update my site to the new version of WordPress within the next few days. This is a major new release, offering some awesome new features including better comment spam filtering!

Trackback from bekit. Since WP 1. This weekend I was able to upgrade the site to the public release of WordPress 1. Pingback from beyond the clouds on March 21, Previously he had hosted an amazing upg […]. It was relatively painless, although I am glad that Elly was around to offer […].

Pingback from Meriblog: Expect to see more, not only with this page of words Thousandths of Pictures […]. Following the release of WordPress 1. For the past […]. Pingback from Infovore: I was upgrading to WordPress 1. Pingback from Mahangu. Der Umstieg problemlos, hat aber auf […]. Blandt andet […]. Pingback from Troels on March 29, Pingback from SimOnline Blog on March 29, WordPress is getting better n better.. Thanks Kathy for upgrading the site to WP 1. Pingback from 15june. Pingback from Wanton Spirit on April 1, Pingback from! Pingback from Yuri Shilyaev.

Pingback from gelistir. But now the wait is over. En ce qui concerne WordPress, depuis la sortie de la version 1. There are some great new featur […]. Akhirnya wpku yg versi 1. Pertama baca panduan cara upgrade sih takut juga habis pake delete file sgala terus back […].

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Pingback from Trashbin of Geblek Introduction WordPress released version 1. The difference be […]. The Nitty-Gritty on April 6, Now, all I need to do is find a new spi […]. It works with WordPress 1. Official announcement and overview at the WordPress development blog WordPress 1. About general. This blog is now powered by WordPress 1. As you may have noticed, the blog now has a new theme.

The reason for these […]. With the release of version 1. Pingback from Tsuku. Rundle with the stellar power of WordPress to bring you the 9Rules blog. Trackback from 9Rules Network on April 14, After a long time screwing with it and several changes If you are using WordPress 1.

Some posts are sent […]. I have so much respect for this team, well-or […]. Amazing Upgrade on April 18, Aside from needing to overhaul the look of this site and upgrade to WordPress 1. Pingback from apakuni. Pingback from.: This new version has a host of cool features, auto-spam blocking which we des […]. Pingback from cinematic:: Wordpress, with the Strayhorn release is a mature and powerful publishing platform with a large user base and a p […]. Fixed thanks to the WordPress forums and particularly […]. Pingback from johnadams. All very simple — just need to ensure that there is at least one theme in the […].

Trackback from Imthiaz's Blog on May 2, Pingback from jared. Software Newsforge has a review of WordPress 1. Linspire has re […]. Pingback from sayonara. Ist aber auch nicht unbedingt schade drum […]. And this is only downloads sinc…. Trackback from Development on a Shoestring on August 18, How this WordPress 1. Here some tips from WordPress Codex on how to upgrade from 1. Which was adopted into version 1. Pingback from colophon at Along the road… on October 6, Now, this blog using WordPress 1. It was my first time upgrading this blog, alhamdulillah it was successful, no critical problem during upgrade.

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Das ganze ging soweit sehr einfach und problemlos, im Adminbereich scheints aber noch kleine, nicht stoerende Darstellungsprobs zu geben. Pingback from Never mind - me. I completely deleted all his old files and upgraded it, and ran the upgrade and it still reverted back…um… weird. Pingback from encounters with life Site update on December 29, Pingback from More upgrading fun… at [zeroninetynine] on December 31, Trackback from. BLOGsite on January 10, Ein Post wird nicht angezeigt, andere schon. Permalinks aktiviert.

Fehler nicht Der wirklich wichtige Unterschied: Dieser Blog liegt nicht in einem Unterordner namens wordpress, sondern lag dort und ist mittlerweile umgezogen, in das root-Verzeichnis.

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Pingback from krootoo. A year ago I had just heard about the release two days earlier of WordPress 1. My friend Jen had been using WordPress for several months, and her blog was an inspiration to start my own.

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If you have no idea what to do with this download, we recommend signing up with one of our web hosting partners that offers a one click install of WordPress or getting a free account on WordPress. All the cool kids are doing it, so go and do that. Seems like WP1. TIme to add some content… […]. Pingback from 1. Pingback from bits by ben: Good on you Matt and your enthusiastic team and Michael! I really wish the WP1.

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Either way Michael should have that hack ready to download so I assume. There were a few warts in the process, but I think everything is pretty much working now. I still need to find a better theme for this blog, but the photoblog is better then ever. The release introduced their theme system, moderation features, and a new front end and back end redesign.

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Now my site runs on the WordPress default design theme. I will work on the theme to bring back my original design, but more importantly I need to put more content. Post a new comment Log in now. Create account, or use OpenID […]. Pingback from praveen: COM on September 8, The WordPress upgrade will have to […]. Pingback from iand. Back when I started, WordPress version 1. Count yourself lucky. A heart-breaking sound. The sound of things falling apart. A tap, a skip, a whir and failure. Over and over and on into the future.

And so, part way through a major writing project, my computer was beloved Mac and constant companion was rendered utterly unusable. Not immediately equipped to pay for the repair, I had to hold off until this last week to get a new drive. Fitted with a new drive, my little Mac feels dozens of times faster than the year-old ThinkPad I have to use at work. It just feels like being home. I have five easy steps for doing it yourself, so click through to learn how.

Back up. Everyone knows that we need to back up our computers. Virtually none of us do it, except on corporate networks that do it for us. We then moved any new files here and there. Running at normal WiFi speeds was slow, but the big data dump over FireWire did all the dirty work. The rest was incremental updates. Start with iTunes, then move on to iPhoto and your documents folder. We fill up these applications with the music and pictures that make up our lives.

They also take up most of our data. Of the roughly 38 GB of usable space on my former hard drive, 28 GB were photos and songs. And neither makes it terribly easy to restore lost libraries. Of the two, iTunes is more intuitive. Simply drag and drop the folder or folders containing the songs you wish to restore, and watch the software work its magic. Then, you can import album artwork, adjust gapless playback and configure your authorizations. On the other hand, iPhoto is a pain. It takes longer to import photos than iTunes does songs, and it tends to be far less responsive in the process.

Its filing system is also absurdly arcane. It misidentified several of my pictures, and I had to re-sort them by hand. Has Apple fixed this issue? Restore individual applications. Oh, and it flies. But you knew that. For actual shareware, type in your old registration codes to get back up to speed. Finding a safe place for these most important bits of data on your computer is easier than you might think.

Since I register most of my software via a Gmail account, I just needed to search by the name of, say, Scrivener or Ecto to pull up the registration codes for my shareware. This kind of backed-up back-up solution is a great option. Rebuild your Mailbox. Email directory structures are arcane and terrifying. For all my other messages, I located the folders on the external drive and used the Mail Import feature. Be forewarned, this is incredibly slow and tedious.

For whatever reason, e-mail is still a dark art to restore. Get a sufficiently rad desktop wallpaper. I quite like Danger Mouse. Take an Expose Pride shot like the one at the top of this post. OK, not actually a step. In some ways, it almost feels like my computer has a new lease on life. I was ready to sell my machine two months ago, but the loss of all this crud in the crash has sped it up enormously, and I now have three times the storage thanks to the upgrade.

Also having survived a hard drive failure I would like to add some points concerning backup. A good backup can save a lot of time during the restore process. So since you mentioned the hassle with iTunes and iPhoto libraries: Backup the whole library from the Finder, not from within the programs. Best is to quit iTunes and iPhoto, then move the entire iTunes and iPhoto folders to the backup medium, including the iTunes Library and iPhoto Library and Thumbnail files.

During the restore process you just copy back the old libraries, no reindexing, no sorting involved. My real problem has been with email… I do back up mail libraries… but not everyday,,, so I have lost — just a couple of weeks ago — 4 or 5 days of mail…. For the most important files I work on — all in a single folder — I backup to a usb key every hour, in background. Kindred Spirits! Now fresh back on the road with Gb drive, the new lease of life caused me to splash on a new battery and take the RAM up to max Mb.

Now my PB is lean and mean, rid of all the gunk I have put on it over the last 4 years of constant use. I had quite a few click of deaths in the past few years… Best solution I found is automatic backup at least once a week with super duper or carbon copy cloner. When my hard drive died, I could continue working within not even 5 minutes: It takes a bit longer to boot, but once up, you see your machine exactly as it was at the last backup:

totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac Totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac
totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac Totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac
totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac Totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac
totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac Totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac
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totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac Totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac
totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac Totally rad dirty pictures 1.5 mac

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