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How to Display Calendar Events as a List on Mac

Spark supports the Gmail , Exchange , and iCloud calendars associated with your email accounts. For example, adding your Gmail account enables Spark to display and manage your Google Calendar. If you want to add an iCloud calendar to Spark, and your Apple ID is linked to an email from Gmail, Outlook, or other providers, check this article.

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By default, Spark enables calendars for all the accounts you added. All new events are added to your default calendar, but you can manually change the calendar for a specific event.

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There are two ways to see calendars in Spark. To see the events for the selected account, tap the Calendar icon at the top right and tick the calendars you need. Use Show all or Hide all to quickly show or hide all calendars belonging to one account. To create a new event, open your calendar and tap the plus icon at the bottom right. Type a short event description and tap Done.


Now, you can edit the event details. You can change the event name, start and end time, add notes, alerts, and location. To change the calendar for this event, tap on your email address or calendar name and choose the one you need. To invite other people to your event, tap Invite , start typing the name or email, and choose a person from your list. The people you invite will be notified via email. After choosing all the invitees, tap Add and then Done. After adding people to your event, you are directed back to the event editing screen. Now, the event is added to your calendar.

Spark allows you to create recurring events. While editing an event, tap Repeat and choose the event frequency.

How to Show a List of All Calendar Events on Mac

You can repeat an event every day, week, month, or year. Tap Custom for more advanced settings. For example, you can repeat your event every two days or every three weeks on Wednesdays and Fridays. Say something like: Copy details from a previous event: Double-click an event whose details you want to replace, or force click the event.

How to Get Facebook Birthdays and Events on iPhone or iPad Calendar

Select the title, start typing the same title as the event whose details you want to copy, then choose the event to copy from the suggestions list. Events written in natural language can also be detected in Mail, Safari, and other apps. See Use events, contacts, and other items found in emails and Detect dates, contacts, and more in documents.

Event details from known providers that you receive in other apps, such as Mail, automatically appear in Calendar as suggested events.

For example, a suggested event appears when you receive a Mail message containing details about a flight, restaurant reservation, car rental, or similar event from providers such as Expedia, Open Table, or Hertz. In the Calendar app on your Mac, find the suggested event in your Siri Found in Apps calendar by doing one of the following:.

On your calendar: Look for the suggested event at the proposed date and time, then double-click the event, or force click it, to open its info window.

Add, modify, or delete events in Calendar on Mac

In the notifications list: Add it to another calendar using the event info window: Click the pop-up menu in the upper-right corner of the window, then choose a calendar. Add it to another calendar using the notifications list: Click and hold Add to Calendar, then choose a calendar. You can show or hide the Siri Found in Apps calendar by changing a setting in General preferences. You can control whether calendar invitations received in Mail are added to your calendar automatically.

In the Calendar app on your Mac, double-click or force click the event to open it. Create or modify all-day or multiday events. Set up a repeating event. Add location and travel time to events.

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Set event alerts and receive notifications. Invite people to events.

Add notes, a URL, or files to events. Move events to another calendar. Use different time zones. You can also drag the left or right edge of all-day events. You can also drag the event to the small calendar in the bottom left of the calendar list. You may also be able to leave a comment for the event organizer or propose a new time. See Reply to invitations.

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