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To manually start the wizard, select Enroll from the Configuration Manager preference page. When you use an email address to populate the User name field, Configuration Manager automatically populates the Server name field. It uses the default name of the enrollment proxy point server and the domain name of the email address. If these names don't match the name of the enrollment proxy point server, fix the Server name during enrollment.

The user name and corresponding password must match an Active Directory user account that has Read and Enroll permissions on the Mac client certificate template. Use this procedure for automation of client installation and requesting and enrollment of client certificates with the CMEnroll tool.

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To run the tool, you must have an Active Directory user account. On the Mac computer, navigate to the folder where you extracted the contents of the Macclient. Wait until you see the Completed installation message. Although the installer displays a message that you must restart now, don't restart, and continue to the next step. From the Tools folder on the Mac computer, type the following command: After the client installs, the Mac Computer Enrollment wizard opens to help you enroll the Mac computer.

For more information, see Enroll the client by using the Mac computer enrollment wizard. If the enrollment proxy point server is named server If the user name includes any of the following characters, enrollment fails: Use an out-of-band certificate with a user name that doesn't include these characters. For a more seamless user experience, script the installation steps. Then users only have to supply their user name and password. Type the password for the Active Directory user account. When you enter this command, it prompts for two passwords.

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The first password is for the super user account to run the command. The second prompt is for the Active Directory user account. The prompts look identical, so make sure that you specify them in the correct sequence. To limit the enrolled certificate to Configuration Manager, on the Mac computer, open a terminal window and make the following changes:.

In the Keychain Access window, in the Keychains section, choose System. Then in the Category section, choose Keys. Expand the keys to view the client certificates. Find the certificate with a private key that you installed, and open the key. On the Access Control tab, choose Confirm before allowing access.

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To verify that the client installation is successful, open the Configuration Manager item in System Preferences on the Mac computer. Also update and view the All Systems collection in the Configuration Manager console. Confirm that the Mac computer appears in this collection as a managed client. To help troubleshoot the Mac client, use the CMDiagnostics tool included with the Mac client package.

Use it to collect the following diagnostic information:. You can use a certificate request and installation method independent from Configuration Manager. Use the same general process, but include the following additional steps:. Enter the following command: The certificate subject name is case-sensitive, so type it exactly as it appears in the certificate details.

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The management point's internet FQDN is server Use the following command: If you have more than one certificate that contains the same subject value, specify the certificate serial number to use for the Configuration Manager client. For example: After you replace the client SMSID, when you delete the old resource in the Configuration Manager console, you also delete any stored client history. For example, hardware inventory history for that client. Create and populate a device collection for the Mac computers that must renew the computer certificates.

On the Settings page, select New. In the Create Setting window, specify the following information:. In the Create Setting window, for Discovery script , select Add script. In the Create Setting window, for Remediation script optional , choose Add script. On the Compliance Rules page, choose New.

Then in the Create Rule window, specify the following information:. Selected setting: Choose Browse and then select the discovery script that you previously specified. In the following values field: Enable the option to Run the specified remediation script when this setting is noncompliant.

Create a configuration baseline that contains this configuration item. Deploy the baseline to the target collection. For more information, see How to create configuration baselines. After you install a new certificate on Mac computers that have the SMSID removed, run the following command to configure the client to use the new certificate:. Prepare to deploy clients to Macs.

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