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As a streaming audio addict, you might wonder to know whether it is possible to enjoy streaming music offline anywhere and anytime. The answer is positive. With a professional streaming music recorder, you can record any streaming audio from any streaming service and play them on all devices even without network. Here, we are gathering top 6 best paid and free streaming audio recorders to help you capture streaming audios with high quality kept.

The reason why I put Apowersoft in the No. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is capable of recording high quality audio from computer sound card, microphone or both, such as streaming music sites, radio stations, voice chat, etc. With built-in ID3 tag editor, it allows you to customize output streaming audio records by adding artwork cover, year, title, artist, genre, and more. But for the first-time users, they have to install a launcher to make the recording process smoothly.

Unlike Apowersoft audio recording software, you need to download Aktiv MP3 Recorder on your computer firstly.

Top 2. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Once installed successfully, this excellent streaming audio capture enables you to record audio from thousands of sound sources. One of the biggest special features of Aktiv is that with a built-in recording scheduler, Aktiv streaming music recorder has the ability of grabbing streaming audio tracks at certain times according to your own needs. Audacity is another free and open-source streaming audio recorder, which aims to record any sound playing on computer sound card and microphone to MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.

Apart from being an extraordinary audio recorder, Audacity is also an all-in-one streaming audio editor, which enables users adjust pitch, normalize noise and add effects like reverb and phasing to the recordings. This full-featured audio recorder and editor is available for a wide variety of operating systems, like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

By adopting multi-track audio recording technology, Audacity is capable of capturing multiple streaming audios simultaneously, which can save lots of time than grabbing audio track one by one. If you are looking for a paid yet professional streaming music recorder, AudFree Audio Capture could be the No.

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Best Audio Recorder for Mac

The best streaming audio recorder can grab audio clips from streaming music sites, like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, or local media players, like QuickTime, Windows Media Player, or extract audio tracks from in-game sound, video sites, voice chats, live course and more with a few clicks. Plus, you can also split and audio records to smaller segments or directly trim unwanted audio clips or merge multiple audio recording to a new files via the mixing function.

Wondershare comes with a series of special features, such as removing ad from the recorded streaming music and adding audio records to iTunes library with ease.

Plus, it also allows you to record and save any streaming music to MP3 or M4A format so that you are able to listen to music streams on portable devices and player offline, like iPod, Android devices, MP3 players, etc. If you are the one who like to listen to Spotify songs, playlists and albums, this best Spotify streaming music recorder could be the best choice.

There are two reasons that I list this music converter for Spotify in the line of best streaming audio recorders. One is that Spotify is undisputed king in streaming music industry with million total active users. The other is that AudFree Music Converter for Spotify can download and record songs, playlists and albums from Spotify even you are using a free account. No matter which streaming audio capture you choose from the top 6 best paid and free streaming audio recorders, you can freely listen to music from any streaming site offline. However, which one is the final choice to record and capture streaming audios?

Download and install the program on your computer. Click the red Record button to start recording. Navigate to the stream audio that you want to download and play it. Audio Recorder will detect the sound and begin to recording it for you. The program will automatically tag songs with the information the software has detected, including album, artist, and cover. Double click on the music then you can play it with the inbuilt music player. This free audio recorder for Mac can record any sound your computer produces.

It has both Mac and Windows version. Just get this audio recorder for free to enjoy your lovely music. However, it limits its users to kbps recordings, which is on the low end of acceptable audio quality. And it only allows its users record audio in a maximum of 3 minutes and it can only download one track at a time. As the name indicates, this free computer audio recorder is a completely free to use streaming audio recorder. Without spending a dime you will be able to record music from your sound card.

This software only has a Windows version and is not available for Linux and Mac. If you want to record audio on Windows PC, we recommend you to use iMuisc. This audio recorder is easy-to-use and allows you to record music from any sites and audio applications. It can detect the music you are playing and enables you to record the music in only 1 click. What's more, you can customize the output audio and set the format as MP3 or M4A.

You can also make ringtones with the recorded music. The recorded music will be saved to iTunes library, letting you transfer them to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones, creating car playlists and burning to CDs, etc. Audacity by the Audacity Developers Inc sits on the top echelon of audio recorders. A position it has earned itself over the years as a result of the multi-featured, easy-to-use interface that it spots.

The developer also made it sensitive enough to be able to pick up sound from the general computer playback.

Top 5 Free Audio Recording Tools that Capture Any Sound on Mac/PC

At just In spite of its small size, the program still manages to trump other mainstream application in terms of overall quality delivery. The platform is additionally easy to use, especially if you have some prior background in media recording.

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The feature-set might not be as rich as Audacity's, but you will still have everything you might expect from any decent audio recorder program. If you need a decent multi-track recorder, mixer, and audio sequencer, then this free streaming audio recorder for Windows could easily fit your bill. Unlike the above two applications, Kristal Audio is designed as a modular system. The developer, however, has done a remarkable job in packing it with the majority of essential features such as VST effects, metronome control, and a performance meter.

Jan 23, Any Product-related questions? I just LOVE this app. I bought for my Mac and then my laptop died on me.

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streaming audio recorder free mac Streaming audio recorder free mac
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