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Installing & Running Windows 8 in VirtualBox

Any help could be a big one. I have done every step tried different version of tb new old and then old and new again tried multiple time of reinstalling and im still stuck on a black screen that has nothing on it. Easy process that worked really well on Linux too, just having to tweak the VBoxManager commands a little. Thanks for the guide! Does the machine work, but you simply lack an internet connection? Hi there! Can you help me, please? Thanks in advance. I did all necessary steps needed to do after that the booted it worked perfectly but when it finished everything it rebooted again resulting in the codes coming back.

Has someone already connected and used with iTunes his iPhone to the High Sierra virtual machine? You can follow this updated guide: I have a problem with the USB devices.

How to Install & Run Windows 8 in VirtualBox

The VM has been perfectly installed. Everything is working. However, I can not connect my iPhone to this VM. Indeed, I have activated all the options in USB 2.

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  • Download VirtualBox.
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Itunes tells me that no device is connected to my VM. I do not know where the problem may come from. I tried everything, but to no available. I use as host Windows 7. The version of virtual box that I use is 5. I installed the oracle extension which has the same version of virtual box. If anyone could help me.

I start the vbox, then it shows virtualbox logo, then it shows codes in black screen, then it restarts the VM and again the same process repeats. Please give me any solutions for this problem to fix. From regards Chandra Das. Is this normal? Any idea? No, they are different. Make sure quit VirtualBox before running the code. Great work. The install works fine. For going full screen I used next command: Location service: However my windows host is able to perform this without any issue. I guess this is the reason why Maps remains black as well.

Mail and Safari: It worked! Thank you so much for providing this tutorial.

How to Install & Run Windows 8 in VirtualBox

I am experiencing 1 problem, cannot log in to itunes for use of imessage. Any insight on how to correct? Thanks for sharing your feedback. Step by step article: For sound install unmodified AppleHDA. It should also speed things up little bit. Thank you for the great job! Very Helpful! I now have maxOS and Xcode running on my Windows 7 after following the steps and using the files provided here! Thank you very much!

I f anyone has a query regarding this. Hello, I have VirtualBox installed on Linux Mint distro, do you know the right terminal commands for linux? Follow this guide: Hi, First, thank you for these guides, they are really helpful. The VM only reboot again and again. I followed every steps in your guide but still have the issue. Do you have any other way to fix this? Re-open CMD and enter each line one by one.

Close it. I am follow every step and also reinstall Virtualbox and VMware. But no solution yet. First problem in my virtual box having black screen but it is solved changing mac I am able to complete everything in this guide except for the commands run in a dos box in the windows environment. I am not sure how to translate those commands to Linux.

Thank you. If you want to install macOS Sierra on your host system follow this guide: No matter what I do I can fix the black screen, ive tried everything, I mean everything and it wont fix it.. Once check out this guide it may help you. I have follow all steps but it me this erorr after start the machine. First i have select this version — http: Follow this guide and fix your issue https: Hi guys, I have installed macOS according to all steps. Here is Virtual Box ss http: Please help me to run the macOS my system.

Get help from this guide: Black screen problem by changing mac OS Hi there, thanks for this tutorial, it worked for me under Windows 7, i have a quick question, not sure if there is a solution for this:. Is there a way to change to make the screen bigger, i guess to run in full screen mode so that it can cover the whole screen, i found several methods online but none of them seem to work, any ideas?

Never gets to the Mac OS install splash screen. The problem is this that you did not quit the VirtualBox before adding the code to cmd. Also visit this guide for more info: Anyone know how to fix Apple ID issues? I always get the same response: Try again. No, no idea on how to solve it. Hello, After I follow all the instructions, the VM turns and a screen flashes to a logo for an instant and then goes black.

Follow the guide below to fix any issue on macOS High sierra. You can fix your issue by following this guide. Once connect and disconnect your keyboard. It must work because other people do not have this issue. Failed to create a proxy device for the USB device. ConsoleWrap Interface: Click on it and make sure you select USB 1. If that does not work for you just check the other one. Follow this guide dear Psyka to fix your problem: Thanks for the wonderful job, the only problem i have is about the audio and it crackles like a robotic voice.

How can i sole this issue.. This guide to fix macOS High Sierra screen resolution will come soon. Stay up to date with us. You might want to compare the checksums to verify the integrity of downloaded packages. SHA checksums , MD5 checksums. After upgrading VirtualBox it is recommended to upgrade the guest additions as well.

See this chapter from the User Manual for an introduction to this Extension Pack. Please install the same version extension pack as your installed version of VirtualBox. If, however, you would like to take a look at it without having to install the whole thing, you also access it here:. You may also like to take a look at our frequently asked questions list.

The binaries in this section for VirtualBox before version 4. As of VirtualBox 4. By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective license. Click that. Step 4: You just have to follow what I selected for each of the fields based on the pictures below. Finally, choose your macOS Once done, click OK. Before you add the code onto VirtualBox with your Command Prompt, you have a few little changes that you have to make to make things easier for you. Now all that you have to do is find your Command Prompt cmd and Run as an administrator. Finally, add the code one by one into your Command Prompt.

Take all the time in the world that you need. Alias s: You must enable it. Second, make sure that you exit your VirtualBox before adding in the code into your cmd. Step 5. Any thoughts? I ask you this, because most of the solutions that I found on the web, their one of steps was making bootable first by an Apple computer which already has Mac. It want.

Can you please help … or preferably make the 5GB file downloadable? Make sure to try the steps again so that you can be sure that it is not a mistake with the way you entered each of the options in Step 3. At Step4: Now you have to enable EFI and then disable Floppy. PIIX3 also worked for me! Though my problem is that it is running very slow and has lots of visual artifacts.

Thanks for the guide. Any ideas on where I went wrong? Yeah sure thing haha please take as much time as you need to look around for any guides that might be of your interest. This guide should help you with that: You should also make sure that you exit the VirtualBox before adding the code in Step 5. I was stuck in this boot loop — forgot to put the code in while VirtualBox was shutdown. Re-did it — all good. You are a champion!

Thanks mate. Hi Jake, Thanks for the detailed guide. The thing is I am getting a error when I start the macOS Before adding the code, make sure that the VirtualBox is completely closed, then only should you run your CMD with the commands Step 5. Check the Virtual Machine VM name that should be the same. If you have chosen macOS You can refer to this guide for help: Most of the time critical errors such as yours happen due to the code. I am running into the same issue and I made sure that I entered the code correctly.

Here is what I entered. Microsoft Windows [Version All rights reserved. Thanks, Cody. I was following your guide here and ran into an issue running the vboxmanage codes. When compared with your cmd output, you can see what the differences are; however, after editing the code to match your cmd screenshot — I am getting errors such as VBoxManage.

If you do, please be so kind as to enlighten. Nevermind — I found my error. The correct lines in your area above should be changed to reflect what they actually should be, versus the garbled commands that are showing. Result Code: MachineWrap Interface: Install the latest update from Microsoft.

If none of it works, then you have two options that you can try man 1.

VirtualBox binaries

Use VMware. Hi, mine says this: What do I do? Try going to Settings and then System. I have carefully checked all settings as well as the command syntax and re-entered all the commands and even tried a fresh VM. The only progress I have made is this text is new:. Error allocating 0x14b6 pages at 0xe alloc type 2 Error loading kernel cache 0x9 Boot Failed. Mac Boot Boot Failed. Navigate to Display option and then increase the video memory to MB. If all fails, then you can always resort to using VMware rather than VirtualBox. This worked for me: You can try an older version rather than Mac OS Sierra.

How to Install Windows 8.1 in VirtualBox Step By Step

If not it could just be that your system may not support the Mac operating system. Virtual Box 6. Also, I tried reinstalling VirtualBox, I installed the latest version, and still got the same error in the command prompt. The problem could probably be with your Virtual Machine name. So what I suggest for now is you can ask the guys over at Stack Overflow.

Was there ever a known fix for this issue! Virtualization is turned on in the bios. Check the dashes. I was cutting and pasting from a website and that screws up dashes. I had the same issue. I fixed this by installing the older version of VirtualBox 5. I originally had installed version 5. I switched to 5.

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Run regular command prompt. I have gotten through every step easily thanks for that by the way. Very easy to understand However I am having issues at the very start of the cmd command. Any ideas? Also, Moving it to the C drive is not possible as it is full..

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The reason I have it installed on the Hard Drive in the first place.. It mostly likely could be the location of the drive indeed. Other than that if you find that all is correct, then what I might suggest for now is asking the guys over at Stack Overflow. I know this is from a few months ago, but you have to change the drive first…. Without doing this, it is still trying to run the commands on your C: Hello, After setting it up, it shows in system information that serial number is 0.

And because of that, i cant log into some of the apple services such as Imessage and facetime. Do you have a solution of how to get a serial number on my virtual machine. Please reply. Make sure that you have followed each of the steps correctly especially the part where you exit your VirtualBox before entering in your code and also make sure that your VirtualBox is on the latest version which is VirtualBox 5. Just double check that, but if the problem still persists then what you can do is check your system. I am running on a custom computer with a 4k monitor, how do I set up the code for 4k and upgrade the amount of graphics because I have 8Gb.

Try this guide: Hi Jake I have the sierra mac os for the first time. Thanks a lot. I just have a problem with the sound. Can i just copy and paste the above code with the correct Vm name into the cmd or do i need to do it line by line? It is working like a charm thank you! For all you people having problems, the command line must be the cause of it. Just make sure that they are being typed correctly, as there is no feedback on input.

I have virtual box installed on my 3rd drive; went through all the steps, and the commands on the command line just kept cycling through over and over again. Thanks for the article and thanks to those who posted their resolution on the comments! Is it possible to run the update from the App Store?

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